RARA is a futuristic Market for NFTs with a great vision it’s gonna corner a big chunk in the NFTs Market. RARA has a lot of many features which neither of its competitors has, It’s a platform that is one of its kind and an NFT value discovery system where amazing NFTs go viral and get discovered. Through the combination of gamified mystery box mechanism and expansive NFT marketplace, we usher in a brand new era for NFT fans.

RARA mission is to bring the world’s best artists, brands, and IP’s to the largest global audience of buyers in the most user-friendly way by tapping into the power of a fully gamified NFT issuance, acquisition, and ownership experience. And The inherent value of the RARA system comes from the immutability and the hierarchy of rarity of its mystery boxes and its own homegrown DEX where IPs, treasures, and tokens all can be traded together in one place for the

So investing in such an awesome project which is one of its kind will be very beneficial for its investors.

RARA has lot many features which none of its competitors has.

  • Built on BSC
  • Mystery for IPs
  • Gamification for unlocking NFTs
  • Self Sustaining ecosystem of dropping treasures & earning RARA.
  • Mystery Box Dex

RARA has exclusive partnered with some finest IP owners and leading entertainment &media groups that share the same strong interest in exploring the booming NFT and metaverse space. Together with RARA, they are taking the entertainment, sports, digital arts, and media to a new height by bringing the freshest NFT ownership experience which is more entertaining, sensational, and interactive

RARA has a very lucrative reward system and it Incentivises its token and mystery box holders well, To bootstrap the Mystery Box market, RARA amalgamates DeFi with gamified Mystery Box NFT by allowing staking and yield farming. Farms and staking pools will be provided to mystery box owners to stake and earn so early participants are attracted at no cost to the platform.

RARA has built the world’s first decentralized marketplace for Mystery Boxes, allowing for both the trading of dropped treasures and of IP’s inside unlocked boxes, as well as potentially the trading of unboxed boxes in the future.

Each IP that you unlock in a Mystery Box is an NFT with a unique digital signature and a sale price associated with it. RARA farm’s rarity level of NFTs and unlocked treasures lend the whole marketplace a unique NFT valuation system that has not yet been done on any other NFT marketplaces, And also none of the RARA competitors has all the features that RARA has they may have some of its features but none it’s competitors have all the features of RARA, especially the element of Gamification which none of them has, it makes the whole process amazing and also by incorporating the mystery boxes of different types having their own rarity system is awesome. Treasureland Opensea and Superrare and Knowwhere in comparison to RARA, So it’s the best option to invest in for a promised hefty growth in future.

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