Why Artist should choose RARA?

RARA provides a great platform to the artists in many ways as all of the current incumbents in the market are pure NFT DEX/marketplaces, absent of gamification and with no Mystery Box component. The main difference they share is whether participants are invited or not through an invitation-only system. None of the current NFT players provides a valuation guide, and none of them have their own rarity system of different degrees of NFT IP and unlocked treasure value, so RARA is uniquely positioned to corner a new share of the market.

With NFTs rapidly becoming mainstream, the hype has quickly overshadowed a much-needed level of quality assurance, curation, and veracity in offerings globally. The result has been mass dilution across the industry in NFT listings with a bevvy of unmonitored, non-credible, crowdsourced platforms leading almost all NFT exchange volume.

The value logic of today’s NFT market’s is in its purest form by design difficult to peg, especially for standalone digital artwork pieces. While there are thousands of standalone NFT listings on various marketplaces, over 90% of them barely have over one transaction after minting. Such poor liquidity is the perfect signal of a missing discovery process where new NFTs get the community’s attention. In other words, the pure listing-for-sell model is only effective for NFTs in the post-discovery stage with an existing ‘branding’, and the community is in desperate need of a fun, well-crafted, thoughtful, and gamified user experience to complete the puzzle

Rich IP resources

RARA has exclusively partnered with some finest IP owners and leading entertainment & media groups that share the same strong interest in exploring the booming NFT and metaverse space. Together with RARA, they are taking the entertainment, sports, digital arts, and media to a new height by bringing the freshest NFT ownership experience which is more entertaining, sensational, and interactive. At RARA, we believe we are leading the way in bringing a new definition to ‘Intellectual Property”.

Mystery Box Mechanism

RARA has built a mystery-box-as-a-service mechanism where all types of pop culture IP series, ranging from entertainment to sports, can be minted into NFT mystery boxes and dispensed to mass audiences on the RARA platform. Such a mechanism is a seamless way to integrate pop culture IPs with the wallets of potentially millions of people. They are also easy to organically integrate with other NFT ecosystem participants such as DEXs and IP agencies both up and downstream the industry, which is an often-overlooked silo.

For IP authorization acquisition, RARA will both pay and profit-split with artists and talented IPs to list their works and creations on the platform inside Mystery Boxes. When users pay to obtain a mystery box with their RARA token, part of those RARA token proceeds are shared back with the artist and IP for that particular work. Different pricing structures will classify different rarities for IPs in mystery boxes

Since RARA has DAO Governance so its community decides for it and artists are also part of the community so they also have a role in its governance and decide for RARA future upgrades and development.

Talented artists and creators (IP owners) can also Co-publish their NFTs (Transferable digital assets ) through IP boxes, and these types of mystery boxes are more common in the marketplace. Each has a value associated with it via its sale price and can be traded and sold on the marketplace once owned.

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